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‘Please note that all fees set out below are indicative only and the fees charged will depend on the specific circumstances of your case, the work required and the complexity of the matters raised.’



We provide advice and representation for employers or employees for unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal and charge at £270 per hour + VAT. An hour is usually adequate for discussing merits and tactics for a case, we offer a fixed fee first meeting at £125 + VAT for the first hour. Representation is usually made by a specialist barrister instructed on your behalf and the cost will be dependent upon the seniority of counsel. Preparing instructions will usually cost between £350 and £500 + VAT.



We usually charge £200 + VAT for a single will or £300 + vat for mirror wills where the wills are straight forward and there is no creation of complex trusts, for all other wills we will provide an estimate based on your specific needs and our usual hourly rates of £270 plus VAT for a partner or £200 plus VAT for a solicitor.  The cost of probate and the administration of an estate depends upon how much assistance the executors require from SNS. If we are administrating the whole estate we usually advise that the the cost should be between 1% and 3% for the distribution of property and money and other assets belonging to the estate within the UK charged at our hourly rates of £270 plus VAT for a partner and £200 plus VAT for a solicitor, should a dispute arise over any aspect of the administration then the costs of administration are likely to rise significantly. The size of the estate, advertising and conveyancing charges and vat may increase the costs if they are necessary but we will warn you before these additional costs are incurred. There can be further costs if the whereabouts of the beneficiaries are unknown or are overseas and difficult to contact.  



“The recovery of debts can often be resolved by writing a solicitor’s letter. Depending upon the size of the debt and the complexity of the contract, a simple letter for a small claims track, debt recovery where an invoice has merely been ignored once to often can cost as little as £150 + vat. More complex matters require greater input from more senior practitioners but almost all letters before action, even for larger debt recovery claims will cost between £250 and £750 + vat depending upon the time spent in preparing it.

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