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The Small Claims Courts were set up to allow litigants to deal with relatively low value claims themselves without the need to involve lawyers. In reality the fact that a claim is for a figure classed as ‘low value’ by the courts does not always mean that the legal issues involved are straightforward.

Although the small claim procedure is more relaxed than traditional Court proceedings, there are still plenty of rules which can result in a party having difficulty with this procedure.

This can include:

  • Initial advice on the merits of the claim

  • A document checking service to ensure your papers are in order before they are sent to the Court

  • Drafting letters of claim setting out the legal basis of your claim

  • Drafting the formal claim, defence or witness statements and serving and issuing pleadings where necessary

  • Providing representation at court



All or any of these services will be provided at competitive, fixed rates to give you the best chance of success.

Example pricing can be found here

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