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Tanya is a specialist family law solicitor having practised in family law since the year 2000.  She is highly experienced in advising and supporting people experiencing relationship breakdown and in family matters generally, advising people of high, middle and low incomes and in relation to both children and financial matters.  She is an Accredited Specialist with Resolution* in areas finances and children (private law matters) and provides compassionate and focussed advice tailored to the needs of her client.  She has worked in matters involving surrogacy, social services, the Official Solicitor
Every family is different and family breakdown can be a painful and challenging time.  Tanya guides people through to outcomes which prioritise their needs as cost effectively as possible. 
As a member of Resolution, wherever appropriate, Tanya promotes cost-efficient and conciliatory approaches to resolving matters.
*formerly known as the Solicitors’ Family Law Association. 

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