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How confident are you that your business is fully compliant? Your business is affected by the regulatory framework whether it is a large operation such as a multinational plc, or whether you are conducting business as a sole trader.  

Government legislation ensures that all businesses have minimum set of standards and obligations which they must fulfil.  You need to know how the regulations apply to your specific business within your specific sector.

Your business must comply or could face criminal investigation, hefty fines and potentially prosecution by one of the enforcement authorities such as the Crown Prosecution Service, the Environment Agency, Trading Standards or one of the many local authorities. In some cases, business owners and people in control of the operation can be found to be directly and personally liable.

There are a significant number of rules and regulations with which to comply which include:

  • Health and Safety

  • Trading Standards

  • Consumer Rights

  • Directors Duties

  • Fire Safety

  • Environmental issues

  • Waste disposal

  • Fraud and counterfeiting

  • Weights and measures

  • Local authority regulations

  • Building regulations

  • Planning regulations


We can help you navigate through the legal minefield and can assist you to become fully compliant.  We can advise you in relation to the regulations that apply specifically to your business and what you need to do.

Is your business under investigation?


If your business is under investigation or facing a prosecution, we can help.  We can provide advice and assistance from the very start of an investigation, and support you through to the very end of court proceedings.


We can provide a solicitor to attend with you and assist you during investigation interviews conducted under caution.  We can provide you with a solicitor to represent you and your business at court.

We have years of specialist experience in all areas of regulatory work. However, the prudent business would want to consult a solicitor from this practice who can provide a health-check and suggest what is up to standard and where improvements could be introduced to reduce the risk of investigation and prosecution.


This can be a significant and cost-effective solution as a visit to your business from an experienced solicitor may save you from prosecution and crippling fines. We can provide the services of a former prosecutor who has now changed allegiances and is here to help with your business needs now.

Example pricing cane be found here

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