Tanya’s ten top tips to help minimize your legal costs

Top Tip 7/10 Read. Top Tip Number Seven Read. It may seem obvious, but often I find myself explaining to a client what I have already said to them in writing. We solicitors do inevitably work with the written word. On a basic level, it is one of our key skills and we are required in many instances to make sure we have put things down in writing for you. When first instructing a solicitor, there is a fair amount of material they will send you. This is because we are regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority and our family law solicitors are members of Resolution. This does mean that for our clients’ protection, we are expected to put a lot of information in writing to our clients.

Election Week

Since my theme this week in my Ten Top Tips to save on legal costs was Resolution, it seems appropriate to pause today and consider what Resolution are campaigning for, this election week. Resolution is the Association of Family Justice Professionals (it was previously known as the Solicitors’ Family Law Association). One of the things Resolution does, is to campaign for fairer laws and legal processes for families. Leading up to this election, Resolution have been inviting candidates to commit to policies in the coming Parliament: The re-introduction of no-fault divorce legislation Legal protection for cohabiting couples on relationship breakdown or death of their partner Re-introduction

Tanya’s ten top tips to help minimize your legal costs

Top Tip 6/10 Consider Resolution. I have on my wall a cartoon in which a lady is depicted in consultation with her solicitor. In it she is quoted as saying, “… so I told them, ‘I have tried working things out amicably. You will now be hearing from my solicitor.’” Your choice of solicitor is your choice. It is up to you to select the solicitor and we are not all the same. It is important to find someone you can trust and with whom you have a good rapport. After all, in family law, you will be covering personal ground. At SNS we are acutely aware that dealing with things as carefully and sensitively as possible is crucial in family law. We are members of Resolution which is the Associati

Tanya’s ten top tips to help minimize your legal costs Top Tip 5/10 Remember, you do get what you pa

Saving by compromising on the expertise of your representative or adviser can prove to be a false economy. With the tight limitations on the availability of legal aid, more and more people find themselves in court proceedings without being able to afford legal representation. This happens in divorce proceedings, financial remedy proceedings and children proceedings with ever increasing frequency. Recently my car developed a rattle. It was worse when I drove over bumps. It seemed to me that something was loose and about to fall off (no car knowledge here AT ALL). It just felt alarming as I drove. Just as I don’t know when a problem with my car is serious, people who have no knowledge of

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