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Tanya’s ten top tips to help minimize your legal costs Top Tip 5/10 Remember, you do get what you pa

Saving by compromising on the expertise of your representative or adviser can prove to be a false economy.

With the tight limitations on the availability of legal aid, more and more people find themselves in court proceedings without being able to afford legal representation. This happens in divorce proceedings, financial remedy proceedings and children proceedings with ever increasing frequency.

Recently my car developed a rattle. It was worse when I drove over bumps. It seemed to me that something was loose and about to fall off (no car knowledge here AT ALL). It just felt alarming as I drove. Just as I don’t know when a problem with my car is serious, people who have no knowledge of family law cannot easily know if a legal issue is one they can safely ignore, resolve alone, or one on which they need expert help. Actually, when I took my car in, the mechanic told me that it had simply been a redundant bolt trapped in the chassis. They did however pick up a couple of other things that needed sorting, and they very kindly sent me off in my car, rattle-free and with the other issues sorted out as well. I suddenly had peace of mind and could go back to enjoying my car.

I could not have resolved my car issues alone. I had no idea what was serious, and what wasn’t. Going to a reputable garage meant that my problem was resolved in the shortest time, with the reassurance and confidence that I could go forward without fear of the unknown. And before it deteriorated into a far worse issue.

Nothing replaces the confidence and peace of mind that advice from a specialist gives you. Even if it is limited to advice only (rather than representation for example) or some other tailored level of service or advice that suits you and your pocket. Knowing whether an intended course of action, or a decision to take no action, is putting your needs and welfare first, is crucial.

Advice early on can save so much heartache and cost later.

If you wish to speak with one of our specialist solicitors in confidence please contact us on tel 01622 23 88 54, or by email at If you wish to speak with Tanya or Richard, our family law solicitors, you can call direct on 01622 23 88 54.

Watch this space next week for Top Tip Number Six.

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