Why the customer is always right!

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 (“CRA”) is the biggest single change in consumer law for three decades and as the new year starts businesses will really see the CRA begin to bite.

The new Act is a significant update of previous consumer legislation but even though, for a large part, the CRA appears to mirror the old legislation you ignore the new terms, rights and remedies at your own peril.


Any goods you supply must still satisfy the basic criteria i.e. be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose as well as matching their description and any sample provided but the CRA also imposes a new requirement that goods should also match any model seen or examined by the consumer.

So, overall, how does affect your business? Well, all is revealed in the new set of remedies for consumers which, at least, aims to provide some clarity on what has traditionally been a muddled area. It is precisely this ‘muddle’ which some retailers and businesses routinely took advantage of in order to escape their obligations to consumers and was one of the main reasons for the creation of the new Act.

Under the CRA any consumer who purchases or is supplied with faulty goods is entitled to a full refund within 30 days. That is a fixed period, no arguments as opposed to a ‘reasonable’ period previously.