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Being a Great Entrepeneur

5 secrets to being a great entrepreneur

Monday January 18, 2016

Over the last year we’ve helped over 200 people start up a business. For many it’s a lifestyle choice, it enables them to earn a decent income doing what they’re great at, to be their own boss and maybe along the way to employ a couple of people. I would say this is true for 80% of all start-ups.So what about the other 20%, the brave souls who have belief, passion and are prepared to take a risk that their idea will fly and their business will make serious cash? Are these people born with some inherent characteristics that when combined with being in the right place at the right time will make them a successful entrepreneur? Let’s find out.

First and foremost a great entrepreneur is an expert in fixing other people’s problems. He or she has this ability to look at you, where you are unhappy, frustrated, or worried and imagine what might possibly “heal” things for you.

Secondly they have the ability to look at problems from different angles and imagine all sorts of solutions which over time they will hone down, test and re-test to the one that stands out in a busy market place. The bigger or more original the solution the more successful the business is likely will be.

Thirdly they are great at pitching their idea to others. I’m not saying they’ve got the gift of the gab but their logic, research, plans and natural enthusiasm will be contagious.They are natural collaborators. They recognise early on that they can’t do it all themselves and will surround themselves with people who bring unique skills to the table.

Finally, they have the determination, resilience and courage to keep going when times get tough, will constantly be refining their solution in response to market need.So if you think you’ve got what it takes here some key tips:Learn how to look at your own areas of unhappiness, anxiety or worry, as these will give you clues straight away as to where your idea should come from.Solve problems every day. Learn to look at think laterally and creatively.Learn from other’s failures. Most great entrepreneurs have made mistakes along the way and if you are prepared to study what they did wrong, you’re going to get off to a head start.

Really ask yourself if you’ve got grit. Look back and ask yourself when you last took a big risk or devoted yourself to something that took all your time and energy. Imagine combining these two things and how it will make you feel. Could you do it?If you’re unsure of where to start call the team at Rift Accounting today and we can help set you off in the right direction. Or listen in to #The Counting House, the new monthly slot on the @BusinessBunker where we will be interviewing great entrepreneurs and hearing their stories.

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