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Tanya’s ten top tips to help minimize your legal costs

Top Tip 1/10

Gather and Maximise your Support Network. And make sure it is productive, not counter-productive!

Instructing a solicitor inevitably comes at a time of stress. This is not a hard and fast rule of course, but nine out of ten times, stress accompanies the situation that requires legal assistance. Having a support network around you can help you to ensure that the advice and support you require of us, is legal advice and support. We will be here for you, of course, but solicitors are legally trained and not usually also trained counsellors! We can help you with the legal side and the more you have others supporting you with the emotions and stress of the situation, the more this will help with your legal costs.

That said, we all know the friend who wants to support, but cannot help but stoke the argument rather than enabling you to be calm and focussed.

This is ever more the case when instructing a solicitor for a divorce or separation, or when sorting out arrangements for the children. Emotions run high and that is entirely natural in the midst of the stress of family breakdown. We will bring a calm and compassionate approach to your legal advice. The more you have been able to get good support outside of your solicitor’s office, the more limited we can keep your costs.

If you wish to speak with one of our specialist solicitors in confidence please contact us on tel 01622 23 88 54, or by email at If you wish to speak with Tanya or Richard, our family law solicitors, you can call direct on 01622 23 88 54.

Watch this space next week for Top Tip Number Two.

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